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Finding a Reliable Concrete Contractor

A project involving concrete is usually a big task requiring a significant commitment of time and money. When hiring a specialized contractor like this, be it for a job that’s providing concrete work from scratch or one that is repairing or updating an existing space, you want to find the most efficient provider. A competent concrete contractor is committed to offering excellent service with project completion being that’s on time.

Choosing the right concrete contractor will help make sure that you save money and get the job done quickly. Here are a few tips to make sure that you choose the best concrete contractors available

Choose a locally based contractor

If you are choosing a national provider, make sure that he has and uses local suppliers. Using local suppliers will make it easy for you to get exactly what you want and also allow you to make changes at the last minute if needed. We are local to Southern NJ and use local suppliers

Ask around

Construction is a field where references and referrals can play a vital role. Asking friends and family who have previously had to deal with a concrete contractor before can go a long way. A recommendation will give you a better idea of the contractor’s experience and capabilities. If your general contractor refers someone he’s comfortable working with, ask him for references of places where he worked before.

Check out their reviews online

Some of the best contractors have websites and usually have reviews attached to their profiles. You can also check with the better business bureau to see if they have any unresolved complaints. We recommend you check them out in advance.

Always ask for free quotes

Obtaining a price quote for an initial install or renovation project is essential. The contractor should go through all of the work involved and then calculate how much it will cost you. Having full details will ensure that you do not end up with an unexpected bill. You should also discuss payment options such as deposit, pay as you go, or half up front and the other half upon the completion of the project. A contractor who does not give you a free quote in advance is not worth it! Collect quotes from multiple contractors in your area, and select the one you feel makes the most sense for you when you consider price, experience, quality, and flexibility.


One important thing you must consider while hiring a concrete contractor is whether the contractor has valid insurance. It is essential for the service provider to carry adequate and current liability insurance just in case the worse happens.


There are different contractors having specialties in different types of concrete work. You must also ensure that the particular service provider you are hiring has enough experience to the job you are hiring them to do. It is therefore always wise to discuss the entire project with the contractor before making a final deal.

Contact Information

It is vital always to acquire as much information about the business in advance. You should obtain the contractor’s company and personal name, address, phone number, website address, insurance information, and license number. Gathering all the information will allow you to do your due diligence. Use this info to do online searches. Search specifically for the business name, contractors personal name, phone number, license number, and address to see if there are any complaints. If so they may be used to help you decide if the company you are researching is the right one.

Project requirements

Before meeting with a contractor, you should know exactly what the project will entail. As you are discussing the project, you should put all the details and requirements in writing and make sure it is part of the contract. You and the contractor must be on the same page with regards to the full scope of the project to avoid any surprises.

Details of the project should include the materials you want to be used, including any specific manufacturers, color schemes, framing, finishes, and any other essential details. Include any layout designs or illustrations.


Word of mouth and shaking hands are never a professional way to handle a contracting job. You must get a written contract that includes the scope of the work involved, project details, total costs and how potential issues will get handled (i.e., unknown delays due to hidden problems found after the project has started)

These tips should help you find an excellent concrete contractor from your neighborhood. Do your research before you take the final decision!

Quick Concrete Contractor Checklist

  • Seek locally based companies
  • Ask for referrals
  • Check reviews
  • Obtain free quote
  • Verify insurance
  • Make sure they have experience needed
  • Obtain full contact information
  • Be clear on your project requirements